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  IT Infrastructure Services / Management

   Sound, efficient IT Infrastructure has become the backbone of fail proof, fast and efficient functioning of any institution. Starting from single pc to workstations, servers, connecting thousands of devices has to be setup with low down times.

We at Technovia Infrastructure Wing have always aimed at providing maximum functional efficiency with our services. We provide cost- effective, innovative and future compatible IT Infrastructure services for our clients based on the most advanced technology structures. We cater to client requirements based on almost all available network and system technologies. Our service makes the client to focus on building on their own business strategies rather than diverting thought about infrastructure.

Our team composed of highly qualified experts who have excelled in practical and real world scenarios and are certified by OEM companies such as CISCO, SUN, MICROSOFT, LINUX ...They provide you with the highly efficient, secure end to end solutions for your companies hardware and networking requirements. We have already amassed a plethora of global technology strategies, innovative applications and dedicated workforce with high rate of on-time deployment and servicing options. Our IT Infrastructure services as a whole is composed of various modules such as:

  • IT Infrastructure Auditing & Consultancy
  • IT Infrastructure Designing Services
  • IT Infrastructure Integration & Deployment Services
  • IT Infrastructure Ancillaries - Database, Security, Firewall Services.
  • Network Integration and Deployment Services
  • Network Auditing and Design Consultancy Services