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   CityonWheelz is a green initiative by Technovia Info Solutions Pvt Ltd. CityonWheelz aims at making our cities a better place to live in by implementing a bunch of green initiatives in a smarter and effective way. Our main focus is on the problems like traffic congestion, pollution, energy wastage, waste management and many more. We are initiating this green initiative from Kochi and after that we will be carried forward to other Indian cities.CityOnWheelz comes with a number of green initiatives like Wheelzcard, Wheelzpool, mWheelz.All these initiatives will do their bit to make the place we live a better one with the participation of each and everyone of us.

Intiatives under CityOnWheelz: WheelzCard
  • Promoting public transport for a smaller carbon foot print.
  • WheelzCard, a flash card based ticketing system will be issued to the public which they can use in public transport instead of money.
  • Based on their usage of public transport, points will get credited to their WheelzCard. These credits get accumulated and they can redeem the same while shopping, travelling etc.
  • People living in same residential area working in same company/industrial area, if their office hours are the same, at least once or twice in a week, they may club their travel (friendly trip) to office and back home. By doing this, they may share the vehicle thereby saving fuel, cost and reducing pollution and traffic.
  • A mobile/web based application will be provided to them to arrange their travel.
  • People can use the mobile/web application for organising pooled trips to other purpose as well..
  • It is a mobile/web application wherein anyone can search for timings of buses plying in and around the city.
  • The application can be accessed through web, smart phone and SMS.
  • This will help people to avoid long waits at bus stops.