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   Pragati is an exciting new venture in the IT service industry offered by the Technovia Info Solutions. It is a service portal to automate the entire examination procedures in all kinds of educational institutions. The entire pre and post examination procedures which are usually Herculean task is simplified by pragati.

Why Pragati ?

Pragati is an ultimate solution for the tedious pre and post examination procedures. It reduces the workload by one tenth. Only a single person is required to set up the entire examination procedures. The tedious work and the number of man hours can be hence reduced using this software. It maintains the log of the entire examination procedure and all the reports will be well documented. The entire procedures such as seating arrangement of students, hall allocation, notices, invigilation duty list, generating reports can be done in a single click.

It allows the faculty to choose duty as per their wish from the list of days given. It also provides the provision to swap duties amongst the faculty.

The ease with which examination can be conducted makes pragati an essential requirement of every educational institution. Conducting exams is no more a tedious task its just a single click away!!!

  • Hall Allocation
  • Individual Login for Faculty
  • Duty Selection and Swapping as per the Faculty Choice
  • Invigilation Duty List
  • Integratable with Existing IMS
  • Individual / Group Mailing Facility
  • Report Generation as per the University Standards
  • Search Previous Examination Details
  • Multiple Data Entry Facility

   'Nucleus' is the new “Mantra" for surviving in this highly competitive and evolved market by focusing more on personalized approach on your needs. Nucleus the ERP software designed and developed by Technovia Info Solutions considering the present market demand of an easy to use ERP software that could be customizable as per core business implementations and methodologies.

   Nucleus has been developed to help organizations focus and strive to create and maintain, a strong and efficient relationship with every employee.Nucleus helps the HR to incorporate the planning & control manpower resource so that all resources are used together in the best possible combination.With Nucleus it will automate integration of HR planning to organization strategic plans and the Nucleus ERP will fuel major success of the organization.

Nucleus takecares
  • Nuceus CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • Nucleus HRM - Human Resource Management
  • Nucleus FMS - Finance Management System
  • Nucleus IMS - Inventory Management System
  • Nucleus CMS - Content Management System
  • Nucleus is easy to use, quick to implement and effective as well as flexible from the start.
  • Nucleus is a business oriented solution, the system can support your customers, client- channel and product strategies.
  • Customized to your specific business, we provide you the best customer satisfaction and take your Organization to the next level of technical excellence.
  • We are capable of developing and deploying ERP solutions based on Open source platforms in both Web based or as Hosted software.

   Vaiyaktika offers you your own personal website which is the most effective medium to express your opinions or creative endeavors that, otherwise, simply would not have an outlet. Grab your Online identity with 'Vaiyaktika' and Face the competitive world with a global recognition. Express yourself through this finest and cheapest medium and get it all out there for everyone to see.

With the advent of technology and the Internet, a majority of professionals own a space in the World Wide Web because through your Personal Website, people can see you as an expert in your niche. But you have to see to it that you are indeed knowledgeable in your chosen subject matter. Your online presence can help to vouch the credibility of your personality.

It helps to give you an edge over your competitors and can also open doors of better opportunities for you through positive search results.Your Website will be accessible from everywhere.No other medium provides such global coverage. So get it now and be unique and different from the rest.

  • Website (wherein you can showcase yourself)
  • Admin panel (wherein you can manage the website content)
  • Domain Registration for first year (
  • Hosting Space for first year
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • List yourself in our vaiyaktika professional network.

   Kochiservnet is an online portal by Technovia Info Solutions.Kochiservnet is a service based portal which provides you with all the necessary informations you need to know about kochi.The portal will enlighten you with news,happenings and shopping offers in and around the city.

Kochiservnet the service based portal will virtually takes you around the city.The service portal has listings from various categories includes events,shopping offers,movies,best educational courses,business listings,hangouts etc..Kochiservnet helps you to make the right choices and find the right destinations in Kochi.The service oriented portal caters you with right informations for all your needs.The hangout section of the portal has details regarding all the available restaurants, coffee shops and places where you can hangout in Kochi.The hangout section also highlights the specialities of all these places.The entertainment section of the Kochiservnet provides you with informations regarding now running movies all the hot shopping offers available in the city and also all the happening events in the city.The details regarding the best courses available for you is also available in the portal.With all these informations Kochiservnet is the best online portal available for you to know kochi the better.


   CityOnWheelz is a green initiative by Technovia Info Solutions Pvt Ltd. CityonWheelz aims at making our cities a better place to live in by implementing a bunch of green initiatives in a smarter and effective way. Our main focus is on the problems like traffic congestion, pollution, energy wastage, waste management and many more. We are initiating the this green initiative from Kochi and after that we will be carried forward to other Indian cities.CityOnWheelz comes with a number of green initiatives like Wheelzcard, Wheelzpool, mWheelz.All these initiatives will do their bit to make the place we live a better place with the participation of each and everyone of us.

Intiatives under CityOnWheelz: WheelzGreen Card
  • Promoting public transport for a smaller carbon foot print.
  • WheelzGreen card, a flash card based ticketing system will be issued to the public which they can use in public transport instead of money.
  • Based on their usage of public transport, points will get credited to their WheelzGreen card. These credits get accumulated and they can redeem the same while shopping, travelling etc.
  • People living in same residential area working in same company/industrial area, if their office hours are the same, at least once or twice in a week, they may club their travel (friendly trip) to office and back home. By doing this, they may share the vehicle thereby saving fuel, cost and reducing pollution and traffic.
  • A mobile/web based application will be provided to them to arrange their travel.
  • People can use the mobile/web application for organising pooled trips to other purpose as well..
  • It is a mobile/web application wherein anyone can search for timings of buses plying in and around the city.
  • The application can be accessed through web, smart phone and SMS.
  • This will help people to avoid long waits at bus stops.