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  Technical Consulting

   In this present era of technological development and sophistication many institutions still use computers as high speed calculators. Why not think about the vast opportunity of computers and other IT related services to cater your day to day institutional functions and bring about new levels of functionality into your business to reach for new heights?

Technology is no longer an optional expense for small business but is a strategic investment for smarter & leaner business. So make your technology investment such a way to support your business goals. "Does upgrading your business process make sense to you so that you can reap more from your business you may be in the doubt that how you can do so.?" That's where TECHNOVIA can help you. Our company has proven its capability in delivering high quality, result oriented, efficient & on time solutions for diversified clientele.

Business Analysis - How it Works?
  • Our specialist visits your institution and performs a study about your current operations in detail. He will analyze the functioning as well as implementation style of your institution (SWOT ANALYSIS).
  • Based on the visit our specialist will make out a detailed report about what all hardware and software changes as well as other possibilities can be incorporated to make your operations more efficient.
  • The report with options, how it can be done and the estimated cost of changes will be given to you as a report.
  • Based on the report client can give out tender for implementations.